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We can never presume to know just how difficult it must be for you to choose or change your child's school, but we strive to be on hand throughout the admissions process to answer any questions you have and make the enrolment of your child as simple and as straightforward as possible. A single point of contact from initial enquiry through to enrolment ensures that you receive expert personal attention from a member of our experienced team at all times. All children have very different needs and at Government Science school we pride ourselves on providing a service to our pupils that is designed to meet each individual's specific requirements. The programmes we have on offer are flexible and rigorous enough for us to challenge the most able, whilst being able to offer specialist support to pupils who have specific learning difficulties. Although we prefer to focus on potential at entry rather than achievement, all applicants are required to complete placement tests before a place is offered to ensure that we can adequately meet their learning needs.
Admission into the school is from the state common entrance examination conducted by National Examination Council (NECO) through the state Education Resource Centre (ERC). The state Education Resource Centre (ERC) then place prospective candidates to various schools. However, supplementary entrance examination is held for candidates who were not unable to undertake the ERC/NECO examination. This is mostly done in August every year. Successful candidates are thereby issued with admission letters/prospectus in the school.

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